Sunday, July 26, 2015


       Back when I was still a city dweller, planning my move to the country with only ideals to go off of, I thought I was going to farm without tractors, wasn't going to till, use pesticides, or antibiotics.  I was going to be a Mennonite a la Portlandia of course.   Then I got here, and chicks get sick (or rather one chick but you don't want to lose the whole batch so you get the medicated food), you learn the reality of squash bugs, and you try to dig your first 2x2 hole to plant a tree and experience digging clay (wet or dry it's no good).  Very quickly, all my idealistic dreams went out the window.

Baby steps...

         So I think this fall, we're going to try this, because the clay under all my 4 inches of garden mix I put in my flower beds is choking out any dreams I have of ever growing any bulb perennials.

        And my inspiration is coming from this site, which actually has some useful tips on repairing soil.


Ok here it is....

It's ok if in the beginning your edible forest looks like this:

And your animals' relationship with the edible forest looks like this!

Because you still get this!  

And it's still early enough to make a fresh salsa style salad and do something with this spaghetti squash!